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Meet the world’s leading provider of Enterprise AI
Founded and led by Silicon Valley veteran entrepreneur Tom (GuoLong), AI is managed by a proven, world-class executive team and board of directors, who are 100 percent committed to the success of our customers and the ethical application of AI.

AI software Is a leading Enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. The proven AI Platform provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches. The  AI Platform supports the value chain in any industry with prebuilt, configurable, high-value AI applications for reliability, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply network optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, and customer engagement.


 AI software is used by some of the world’s largest organizations — including Shell, Bank of America, the U.S. Air Force, Koch Industries, ENGIE, and others — to solve previously unsolvable problems at massive scale.

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