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AI tools are about to change the way we work and live. In this article, we will introduce basic knowledge of AI tools and carefully selected AI design tools that can be used for design work.

We have carefully selected practical AI design tools especially for web designers and graphic designers. In addition to image generation tools and web design tools, we will also introduce useful work efficiency AI tools to increase the efficiency of the overall design work.

If you are learning about design, you may also want to check out our article on the basics of web design.

table of contents

Principles of AI tools

Three models of AI design tools

1. Generative model

2. Large-scale language model (LLM)

3. Computer vision model

Summary of AI design tools by design work flow

1. AI tools that can be used for research and ideation

2. AI tools that can be used to understand clients

3. AI tools for document creation

4. AI tools that can be used to create graphics and logos

5. AI tools that can be used for UI design and homepage creation

6. AI tools that can be used to generate images and videos

Principles of AI tools

First, we will explain machine learning to understand AI design tools. Machine learning is a technology that discovers rules and patterns behind the data by analyzing large amounts of data and having computers automatically learn. With the introduction of a machine learning method called neural networks, which mathematically imitates the learning mechanism of living organisms, and the development of deep learning methods, AI has achieved revolutionary evolution.

Three models of AI design tools

01.Generative model

A generative model is a model that automatically generates a new design from given information. Patterns are extracted from a huge amount of image data based on stochastic generative models in statistics. Designs created by generative AI can be said to be nearly unique and original.

Image generation AI tools such as Midjourny and Stable Deffusion fall into this category. It can also be applied to other voice generation tools. With the advent of generative AI, designers and creators faced the possibility that their work could be used by his AI.

02. Large-scale language model (LLM)

A large-scale language model is a language model that is trained from a huge amount of text data. It uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to translate and summarize text and answer questions. It will continue to be a core model for AI tools, as it can be applied to a variety of tasks, not just text creation.

03. Computer vision model

Computer vision models are models that extract information from images and videos. For example, you can locate objects and people in images and detect faces in images. It is used for functions such as Google Photo and iPhone "People".

Summary of AI design tools by work flow

The work of a designer is wide-ranging, from research and understanding clients to creating graphic designs, so there are various work flows. In this article, we will introduce useful AI design tools for each work flow.

AI tools that can be used for research and ideation

The first step in the design process is research and ideation. AI tools are great at organizing and analyzing large amounts of information. By utilizing AI tools, you will be able to collect ideas more widely and quickly, and expand the range of ideas.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. Generate original text and programming code using natural language processing (NLP). You can talk to chatbots and ask them to create content for you.

The free version of his ChatGPT is limited to an older model, GPT-3.5, trained on data up to September 2021. Because this model is working on old data, it is prone to mistakes called "hallucinations." No matter which AI tool you use, always verify the authenticity of the information.

When you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, you get access to GPT-4, as well as third-party plugins that extend the functionality of ChatGPT. For example, the "Link Reader" plugin can search the Internet. The plugin turns his ChatGPT into a powerful tool that lets you read PDFs, plan trips, create and edit diagrams, access scientific research papers, and more.


This is a chat AI developed by Google. Leverage natural language processing techniques to extract and analyze information from text and images.

AI tools that can be used to understand clients


This tool is useful for creating mind maps of client requests and ideas. Share whiteboards in the cloud with your team to gather ideas and feedback. Easily brainstorm ideas with the AI-assisted feature introduced in May 2023.

4. Notion AI

Notion AI is an all-in-one cloud workspace. You can use it freely by combining task management, project management, text, images, tables, graph generation, etc. It also includes automatic updates and AI-assisted features to streamline project documentation.

5. Whisper

Whisper is a tool for collecting client opinions and requests by voice. It also has transcription and translation features. Communicate more effectively with your clients and stay on top of project direction.

6.Razon Speech

Razon Speech is an advanced speech-to-text conversion tool specialized in Japanese speech recognition. Convert recordings of client conversations and meetings into text data for easy summarization and analysis. A useful tool for documenting the creative process.

7. Notta

Notta is an AI tool that can convert speech and handwriting into text. It is suitable for digitizing a variety of data, such as recordings of web conferences and notes written during meetings. Organize information from clients and make it easier to utilize in the design process.

AI tools that can be used to create documents

8. Grammarly

Automatically corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in English. This allows you to check for spelling mistakes and grammar with high accuracy when inserting English into your design or sending emails to overseas clients. Also available as a Chrome extension.

9. Jasper

You can create a variety of texts to suit different themes and topics. You can efficiently create various types of content from templates for different purposes and text formats. It also remembers your brand's tone, allowing you to generate consistent blog posts.

10. Gamma

An AI design tool that automatically generates presentation materials. Simply select a topic or template, enter an outline of your presentation, and professional presentation materials will be automatically generated.

AI tools that can be used to create graphics and logos

11. Figma

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that specializes in web design and mobile app design. By adding AI-assisted plugins to Figma, you can use it as an even more convenient design tool. An AI design assist function tool called "Magician" that is particularly popular among AI plug-ins allows you to use useful AI functions specialized for designers, such as replacing graphics from the rough design of a website.

12. Microsoft Design

One of the easiest to use free AI design tools is Microsoft Design. We provide templates and materials that allow you to discover a wealth of logo ideas and hints from various angles, making it easy for even beginners to create graphics and logos. It has excellent features for improving designs, such as design suggestions and color matching.

13. Wix Logo Maker

This is an AI tool that automatically generates logos. Generate logo ideas in seconds by entering information such as your brand name, industry, and keywords. The generated logo design can be customized to get a logo that represents your brand image. You can also create a homepage that matches your brand image from the logo design you created.

14. Krohma

Among color scheme generation tools, Krohma is a useful tool that uses AI to support designers as their personal color scheme assistant. First, he chooses 50 colors of his choice. Artificial intelligence then learns your preferences and generates a color palette that matches your style.

15. Immerse Zone

There are many situations in which images that you want to use for graphic design cannot be used due to copyright. Immerse Zone comes in handy in such cases. Advanced image search functionality helps you find copyright-free images that are similar to your original image.

16. Bigjpg

Use Bigjpg if the image size you receive from your client is too small or the quality isn't good enough. Even low-quality images that look grainy when enlarged can be enlarged into sharp, high-quality images using Bigjpg.

AI tools that can be used for UI design and homepage creation

17. Wix Studio

Wix is a highly functional website creation tool. Utilize AI assist functions to streamline everything from web design to content creation. Wix Studio, a recently released editor for designers, uses AI features to help make your site responsive, automatically generate text content, and more.

In addition, a wealth of AI assist functions such as an AI chatbot that can be installed on your homepage and advanced automatic image generation and editing functions help you create a functional homepage.


It is an AI design tool that allows you to create UI designs from text. Quickly create wireframes, mockups, and smartphone app designs. A wide variety of parts are available, and collaboration functions are also abundant.

19. Attention Insight

This is an AI tool that creates estimated heatmaps for homepages, advertising banners, package designs, etc. Before publishing your homepage or advertising, you can examine how your customers behave.

AI tools that can be used to generate images and videos


Midjourny is a tool that allows you to generate high-quality images from text. From realistic illustrations to characters for picture books,

It supports a wide range of image generation, including mockups for UI or UX design. You can also gain fine-grained control over image generation by learning the prompts for specifying image format and shooting camera.

21. Gen-2 by Runway

Runway is an AI tool that enables teams to edit footage. You could say it's a video version of Figma. The recently released Gen-2 by Runway is not only equipped with the latest AI function that can generate videos from text, but also allows him to generate videos from 4 seconds to 16 seconds, which is attracting even more attention. By using features such as automatic background deletion and transition functions, you can create professional-looking videos even if you are not a professional video creator.


AI design tools will continue to evolve in the future to enhance designers' creativity and improve efficiency. Designers who master AI tools can differentiate themselves from their peers by producing great designs more efficiently.

Creating video from text

Sora is an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions.

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