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Recruitment & Career Education

Responsible AI

We are committed to the advancement of AI driven by ethical principles that put people first.

Get started with the world's most advanced AI models.


GPT-3.5: Quickly and logically combine research, marketing, and customer service scenarios to generate content.

Codex: Generates code and documentation for developers to build apps quickly.

DALL • E: Generate images for product development and marketing scenarios.

• We will use generative AI such as ChatGPT to propose a new work culture in the age of AI.
• AI employees do their jobs, AI experts discuss with each other, and AI police monitor AI.
• New jobs will be created in which people will master AI, make decisions on AI proposals, and contribute to the further development of AI. We are already gearing up to be the first to realize this future.
• Would you like to propose a new way of working in the age of AI together?
• We are looking for like-minded colleagues who can continue to run at the forefront of the times.



Job Listings

VP Product

San Francisco, CA, USA

Product Manager

San Francisco, CA, USA


San Francisco, CA, USA

HR Representative

San Francisco, CA, USA

Account Director

San Francisco, CA, USA

Content Manager

San Francisco, CA, USA

The maximum amount of < payment is 100,000 yen per month! >
Since it is paid monthly, you can increase the base of your salary.
■System audit: 50,000 yen
■IT Strategist Exam: 40,000 yen
■System Architect Exam: 30,000 yen
■Project Manager: 30,000 yen
■IT Service Manager: 30,000 yen
■Specialist Exam
└Network SP: 15,000 yen
└Database SP: 15,000 yen
└Information Security SP: 15,000 yen
└Embedded System SP: 15,000 yen
■Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination: 15,000 yen
■Basic Information Technology Engineer Examination: 5,000 yen


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