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Own product shop




Based on the HOCIT Group Philosophy "We make the machi who lives with everyone happy," we would like to think together with our customers about what we can do now so that the machi that lives with everyone and the earth will continue forever. OnlineShop has opened. For the sake of the earth and gore that will continue forever, we will think together with our customers about what we can do now, Green OnlineShop, We will open. We will give you a gift to commemorate the opening, and please use My Cutlery to help reduce plastic waste! KOKO GPT linkage streamlines customer service, reduces costs, and increases sales Online KOKO GPT avatar customer service automatically summarizes customer call contents By API linkage with KOKO GPT, you can automatically summarize automatically transcribed text in calls over IP lines and mobile lines with one click. You can choose between a "sentence" or "bulleted" summary. This is useful for managers and business attendants who want to easily review the conversation summary. Auto-summarized content can be automatically linked to CRM.

To summarize all the uses of KOKOGPT.

Code related

1. Programming language conversion, such as Python to Java. Currently supported languages include Python, Java, Go, Node.js, R, C++, etc.

2. Generate program commands; (This is what I have been using in my work to greatly speed up code development)

3. Fix code bugs;

4.SQL Statement generation;

5. Natural language conversion to Stripe API;

6. Program code explanation;

7. Compress and condense the program code;

8. Program time complexity calculation;

9. Generate program documentation;

10. Generate code that calls OpenAI APIs;

11. Generate tables from unstructured data;

12. Teach machine learning language models for machine learning;

Daily life related

1. Ask and answer basic questions;

2. Make summaries of texts, such as meeting minutes and books;

3. Friend chat simulation;

4. Language grammar correction;

5. Language translation;

6. Text generates color;

7. Gourmet recipe generation;

8. Generate reviews, such as restaurant reviews;

9. Paragraph keyword extraction;


1. Generate interview questions to help interviewees prepare for interviews;

2. Create a short story;

3. Brainstorm various issues, such as entrepreneur projects, or new company projects;

4. Help choose the name of the product;

5. Product advertising design;

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Retail Tech Patent, HOCITGROUP  Leader "Distribution × IT"

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AI-based behavior recognition technology patent

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