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Generation AI is the detonator for DX promotion

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[Overview of KOKO-GPT functions]

We utilize the Azure OpenAI Service that can be used on the company's public cloud Microsoft Azure provided by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo). AI can be used at any time.
• Developed based on the AI engine of the GTP3.5 corporate service (API provided type) provided by Microsoft, with specifications that prevent secondary use of entered information and provision to third parties, entered information is stored for a certain period of time. For security reasons, it is erased when it is too long.
• The user interface clearly states precautions for use.
• An automatic translation function is also installed because you can get a more accurate answer if you ask a question in English.
In addition, when using koko-GPT, we have established usage rules for AI utilization, pay close attention to the handling of input information (such as not to input internal information, trade secrets, personal information, etc.), and handle information appropriately. We will thoroughly remind all employees to make use of the
By widely providing KOKO-GPT to all employees in Japan, HOCIT will improve the productivity of employees in various departments such as manufacturing and sales, as well as engineers, and realize constant evolution of business processes. We will promote the realization of ideas and dreams and the challenge of creating new business ideas.
In addition, by providing an environment where employees can freely interact with cutting-edge AI technology on a daily basis, employees in all departments, not just the IT department, will be able to learn how to use AI at an accelerated pace and make use of new technology. We will develop human resources.
HOCIT will continue to focus on technological innovation, create an environment where each and every employee can work comfortably, challenge advanced tasks, and encourage self-growth. We aim to continue to be.

●  Translation Services
●Social Media Management
● Application and game development
● Creation of graphic design
●Data analysis and report creation
● Online content creation
●Data entry and table creation
● Programming
●Online educational content creation

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