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We provide "AI solutions" that lead to fundamental problems with a small amount of data.
High-precision AI that can be used with "little data". Three features that make this happen.
Sparse modeling technology without big data
AI that can interpret "the reason for coming to that conclusion"
High speed and low power consumption. Compatible with various execution environme


With our experience in contributing to solving problems for many companies in the medical, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries, and our unique technical capabilities, we capitalize human knowledge and succeed in improving operational efficiency and labor saving. We will provide integrated support from data acquisition to linkage with existing systems, and work to realize a future where humans and AI coexist.

Diagnostic Support AI Platform
• AI to support diagnosis of cerebral infarction
• AI to support the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
• Cervical cancer diagnosis support AI
• Animal ECG measurement AI
Drug Discovery Support AI Platform
Phenotypic Screening Supported AI

Faster and clearer
AI Supports phenotypic screening
Essential cell image analysis for phenotypic screening. Solving problems that could not be solved by conventional analysis methods using sparse modeling technology. It enables us to discriminate drug effects without preconceived notions and streamline the image analysis process.
Edge AI Platform:
Lightweight and explainable AI solution for edge devices managed from the cloud



Technology Partners
• Intel Corporation
•    NVIDIA Corporation

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