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We breathe life into
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Nekkyo     AI

Digital experiences that feel alive

Re-defining the future of fandom and the customer experience.

Industry defining Autonomous Animation

a leading deep technology company that combines advancements in generative AI with our industry-defining Autonomous Animation to enable the creation of the most alive digital people and avatars on the market today.

We help brands, celebrities and influencers create compelling personal experiences at scale for online audiences in every digital world.

Our patented technologies and Digital Brain are the forefront of AI research in Embodied Cognition and Cognitive Modelling. This technology, combined with large language models such as Chat GPT and GPT3/4, makes the most alive and engaging digital people on the market today.

Our research partners

Nekkyo     AI

Building the future of fan engagement

Astonishing Digital Celebrities. Now with GPT integration.


Digital Celebrities

With Digital Celebrities, celebrities and influencers can engage with fans 1:1 and monetize their likenesses anywhere, any time, in any language


We’re building a pipeline of entertainment talent to bring the most loved and followed celebrities – across Sport, Music, and Hollywood – to life in our digital worlds.


Nekkyo     AI

Breathe life into your brand experience

Personalized Experiences That Scale Across The Enterprise

World class partnerships

We work and partner with some of the most recognizable, respected and innovative brands in the world.

The problem we solve for brands

The infinite digital worlds of our future demand a richer, more alive, more human-like generative content experience.

Chat GPT integrated Digital People bring both personality and personalization to the customer journey, resulting in deeper engagement between brands and customers.

Digital People are the best way to create a unique, personalized experience for your customers. They create 1:1 conversations and interactions that are highly engaging and make the experience feel alive. We give brands the opportunity to ask their customers what they want or need and deliver that in a human, personalized way that is scalable and repeatable.

Our customers

Some of the most recognizable brands in the world are already deploying Digital People across multiple verticals from automotive, to CPG, to finance and more.

Brands who deploy Digital People are in good company.


Our channel partners

Our channel partners are building and servicing some of the most innovative tech solutions on the planet. If you’re a potential partner looking to create the future of customer experience, we’d love to hear from you.


Nekkyo     AI

Everything you need to make magic in the age of AI

Design, build and deploy GPT integrated Digital People


Endless possibilities, magical experiences

We have all the tools needed to empower brands and creators to breathe new life into their digital experiences.

Our Digital DNA Studio empowers creators of all kinds (our partners, as well as enterprise and independent creators) to design, build and deploy life-like digital people in minutes. These deployments can act as brand ambassadors, customer assistants, digital concierges—the possibilities are endless and the experiences are magical.


Digital DNA Creator Studio

Create and deploy amazingly life-like custom digital people in minutes with Digital DNA Studio’s easy-to-use creator tools, including:

Blender: Custom face and features creation

Hair, Clothing and Makeup: Multiple options to choose from

Voice: Multiple NLP options supported

Personality: Choose, configure and refine

Gestures: Personalize with multiple gesture options

Conversation: Create your own using Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Bot Service, and Amazon LEX or other NLPs. Or leverage our Open AI GTP integration, or a combination.

Deployment: Deploy across multiple digital platforms and screens or export to video for social sharing.



Your all-in-one platform that delivers on-demand knowledge to successfully create and launch Digital People. Academy’s partner resources include:

Courses: On demand instructionals and how-to videos

Knowledge Base: Reference materials and documentation

Support: Additional customer/partner in-person support



Creator Community

Community platform for our creators, designers, and developers to exchange ideas, share content, and collaborate.

Writers’ Room

Become a qualified and credentialed conversational AI creator. Participate in 10+ hours of learning via video modules and assignments, with a final project culminating at the end as well as the opportunity to bid on client and partner projects.

What you'll learn:

The Writers' Room is an online course teaching conversation design in the context of Digital People. If you successfully pass this course, you'll become a Certified Conversationalist! Based on your overall performance, you could be invited to our exclusive UpWork Writers' List – where you'll be referred to o

EdTech:Educational AI SaaS Platform

Continue to cut into the informatization and digitalization of public schools and B-end educational institutions, and is committed to providing government education departments, schools, and education and training institutions in various countries around the world from teaching services of artificial intelligence virtual teachers to assessment, homework, educational administration, and teaching digitalization Management and other SaaS services

Intelligent adaptive learning system

Successfully developed an earlier artificial intelligence adaptive learning engine with complete independent intellectual property rights and with advanced algorithms as the core - intelligent adaptive learning system, which can not only realize student-centered intelligent and personalized education, but also Artificial intelligence technology is applied in the teaching process of testing, learning, practicing, testing, and answering questions to achieve the effect of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.


The use of ICT in school education has only just begun, and although EdTech is attracting attention, it can be said that there are still many problems to be solved in order to spread it.

Educational services that can be said to be factors in the global spread of the concept of EdTech have emerged, such as university education, where there is a school disparity due to soaring educational costs, and recurrent education for working adults who could not go on to higher education after compulsory education and basic education. area.


The concept of EdTech is also used in human resource development aimed at improving the skills of employees, which is essential for companies to achieve continuous growth.

In addition to promoting the use of blended learning that combines group training, there are expectations for the application of advanced concepts of EdTech in the future, such as the use of AI through adaptive learning and the supplementation of practical training through the use of VR and AR. It can be said that

Nekkyo AI

What you'll learn:

The Writers' Room is an online course teaching conversation design in the context of Digital People. If you successfully pass this course, you'll become a Certified Conversationalist! Based on your overall performance, you could be invited to our exclusive UpWork Writers' List – where you'll be referred to ourclients and partners to design Digital People conversations for clients and get paid for your work! By the end of this course you'll learn the following:

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Screenshot 2023-6-2 at 01.39 PM (1).png
Screenshot 2023-6-2 at 01.46 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-2 at 01.48 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-2 at 01.49 PM.png
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Building the future of fan engagement

 Digital DNA Studio

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