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The next-generation Web3 platform for aspiring and up-and-coming athletes driven by blockchain and AI to deliver state-of-the-art social finance based on content data and engagement.

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AI Digital Staff

Technology and data for all athletes

Technology is evolving every day.

In the professional sports world, sports science and dedicated devices are being actively introduced, and data utilization is progressing so that more efficient practice such as technical improvement and conditioning is progressing.

But what about the amateur sports world? Conventional products are expensive, and for various reasons such as location and environmental restrictions, they are not being used by amateurs such as club activities, boys' clubs, and those who enjoy hobbies.

We will continue to provide products that allow anyone to utilize technology and data at low cost and easily to realize "utilization of technology and data for all athletes".

And I want to increase the number of players who improve while enjoying sports.

In order to achieve our mission of "solving social issues with the power of health tech" to solve problems in the fields of medical care, nursing care, childcare, etc., we are developing businesses to improve and support the working environment of essential workers, in particular. We believe in the power of people and advanced technologies (data analysis, AI, IoT, sensors)We aim to enrich the lives of people involved in healthcare.

[Use of unstructured data]
A data lake/dataware service that can automatically convert and integrate unstructured data such as images, voice, text, and IoT using proprietary AI technology
[SCM/demand forecast]
Automatic demand forecasting service using machine learning and external data
[Smart city]
Area BI platform with big data on the theme of urban sustainability such as bustling, tourism, disaster prevention, climate change, and regional transportation
A platform to visualize, reduce, and offset lifestyle carbon emissions
[Facility Management]
A facility management business support service that utilizes AI technology to import real estate documents and data collectively and enable data management for each building.

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The app that rewards your videos, views and standings.  Enables athletes to receive token back rewards for their most noticeable game, event or practice session videos published . No matter the skill level. Each registered athlete on sportyn whose videos trigger high-valued views and ratings by the global sports community will be rewarded with STYN crypto tokens to their digital wallet. Token back rewards apply repeatedly for every captivating content you publish.


Transform your daily training and workouts into tradable earnings. App enables all athletes to receive token back rewards for tracking their training sessions via mobile devices and accessories. In any sport. Each registered athlete will be rewarded with native crypto tokens STYN for a completed practice session performance, validated by the app. For every STYN that you earn, you can use it to unlock platform's premium features and purchase our partners' and sponsors' heavily discounted goods and services to be used to improve your athletic development.


Unique blockchain-based fundraise platform is designed especially for athletes seeking much needed financial funding and endorsement required to reach athletic achievements. The platform will offer each verified athlete  The ability to unlock their own individual athlete-development funding program enabling anyone to support/fund their favorite athletes easily and securely.


The fastest way for any athlete to be seen by authorized sports recruiters. Scouts, agents, coaches, colleges and clubs use app to perform efficient searches, discover and contact talented athletes in any sport, regardless of their age, gender or physical location.  App quickly and efficiently discovers both skilled players and raw talent, tracks athletes’ growth rates, promotes talented athletes and connects the two interested parties directly.


As the world's fastest-growing sports community,  Encourages athletes and their support teams to create, share, promote and store personalized video clips of their game/event or practice session performance, all based on well- defined upload criteria. Record and publish your clips in seconds and immediately connect with desired audiences, other athletes and sportspeople including professional sports recruiters, clubs, fans and followers around the globe.


HOCIT's product is a SocialFi app that uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Web3 to help the next wave of up-and-coming athletes promote, fund, and advance their sports careers

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About Us.


Business area
Technology research, ICT consulting, software development, system integration, network services, outsourcing services

“SDGSTV” is a public-private partnership that delivers information on decarbonization-related projects undertaken by companies and administrative organizations, SDGs, decarbonization, DX, etc. in a timely manner through YouTube live distribution, aiming to build a decarbonized society in 2050. It is an information program. We will deliver meaningful content by having various companies and administrative organizations appear. Regarding broadcasting, we plan to distribute it at a pace of about once a month.

We are a "digital integrator" that supports corporate DX. In addition to regular system integration, we undertake integrated services from consulting to thinking together about DX to design, development, and operation of systems that make full use of the digital technologies necessary for DX.
We have specialized technology teams in the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX, and we will organize the optimal project team to achieve your goals. With our abundant knowledge of DX and a wide range of technical capabilities, we can quickly respond to the implementation of PoC to verify the effectiveness of business models and technical issues, and the construction of large-scale systems that support digital.



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CDP's questionnaire (2023 Climate Change), a well-known ESG evaluation of companies related to climate change
Aiming to improve your score, a practical course that explains each question
Program-CDP Scoring Partners Thoroughly Explain 2023 Climate Change Questionnaire *The CDP (Climate Change) Questionnaire is expanding its scope to companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's prime market from 2022! Comprehensively cover CDP (2023 climate change) questionnaire and supply chain questionnaire
  Explains and specifically introduces points for answering the questionnaire. Responses from other companies in the previous year
  We will explain the know-how to raise the score, including case studies and scoring criteria.

1. Overview of CDP
2. CDP (2023 Climate Change) Questionnaire CC 0-16, SC 0-4 Commentary
* The number of questions may change according to the official release of the questionnaire.      
3. Examples of past answers and scoring criteria for each question
"GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions Calculation, Thorough

Explanation!!" --Aggressive Green Strategy for Selected Suppliers--, which will be implemented as a sharing of consulting.
Based on the globally recommended GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol
Thorough explanation of emission calculation methods *Explanation of practical methods such as specific calculation methods based on the GHG protocol and how to respond when there is no appropriate emission factor <SCOPE 1 and 2> <SCOPE 3> >International standards such as the ISO 14064 series and methods related to the appropriate calculation and verification of greenhouse gas emissions are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner from the basics <SCOPE 1 and 2>
1. What are supply chain emissions?
2. SCOPE 1 and 2 emissions calculation criteria 
3. Scope 1 and 2 emissions calculation steps and calculation methods
4. Documentation of emissions calculations
5. Preparation for third-party verification of emissions, etc.
1. What is Scope 3 emissions?
2. Scope 3 emissions calculation steps 
3. Calculation by Category in SCOPE 3 (Categories 1 to 15)
4. Documentation of emissions calculations
5. Preparation for third-party verification of emissions, etc.

Business companies and SDGs - Contributing to SDGs while saving money" "Both business improvement and cost reduction through "visualization" of energy using IoT Consulting for SDGs/ESG/carbon neutral" Energy saving and energy saving through optimal use of electricity and heat of energy supply risk avoidance
Efforts to achieve both, reducing waste by visualizing power consumption
Examples of efforts such as discovering and realizing cost reduction

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The New Standard
in Data Analysis
Meet the world’s leading provider of Enterprise AI

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Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Business

AI software Is a leading Enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. The proven AI Platform provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches. The  AI Platform supports the value chain in any industry with prebuilt, configurable, high-value AI applications for reliability, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply network optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, and customer engagement.

Named a Leader in AI and Machine Learning Platforms
About Igent Recommender Real-time AI (Artificial Intelligence) marketing platform with multiple recommendation algorithms
  • has a transformative vision for enterprise AI – from data centers to derricks.”

  • “Ahead of its time, strategy is to make AI application-centric by building a growing library of industry solutions, forging deep industry partnerships, running in every cloud, and facilitating extreme reuse through common data models.”​

  • “At a time when most vendors focus on tools for data scientists, always envisioned a platform approach to AI.”

  • Highest score possible in Product Vision

  • Highest score possible in Application Tools

  • Highest score possible in Application Accelerators

  • Highest score possible in Market Approach

  • Highest score possible in Architecture Runtime

  • Highest score possible in Architecture Security

  • Highest score possible in Data Features

  • Highest score possible in Partner Ecosystem

  • Highest score possible in Performance

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 AI software is used by some of the world’s largest organizations — including Shell, Bank of America, the U.S. Air Force, Koch Industries, ENGIE, and others — to solve previously unsolvable problems at massive scale.


To ensure our customers’ success,  has developed a rich partner ecosystem with leading technology and services providers globally, including Google Cloud, Microsoft, Amazon, Raytheon, FIS, Baker Hughes, and others.

Created in partnership with Microsoft and a consortium of leading research universities and laboratories, the Digital Transformation Institute is accelerating the benefits of artificial intelligence for business, government, and society.

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Our Services



Please contact us if you are interested.

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The work will include original contributions on theory, methods, systems, and applications of data mining, machine learning, databases, network theory, natural language processing, knowledge representation, artificial intelligence, semantic web, and big data analytics in web-based healthcare applications, with a focus on applications in population and personalized health. The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: 
·   Knowledge Representation and Extraction
·  Integrated Health Information Systems
·  Patient Education
·  Patient-Focused Workflows
·  Shared Decision Making
·  Geographical Mapping and Visual Analytics for Health Data
·  Social Media Analytics
·  Epidemic Intelligence
·  Predictive Modeling and Decision Support
·  Semantic Web and Web Services
·  Biomedical Ontologies, Terminologies, and Standards
·  Bayesian Networks and Reasoning under Uncertainty
·  Temporal and Spatial Representation and Reasoning
·  Case-based Reasoning in Healthcare
·  Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence
·  Risk Assessment, Trust, Ethics, Privacy, and Security
·  Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
·  Computational Behavioral/Cognitive Modeling
·  Health Intervention Design, Modeling and Evaluation
·  Online Health Education and E-learning
·  Mobile Web Interfaces and Applications
·  Applications in Epidemiology and Surveillance (e.g. Bioterrorism, 
  Participatory Surveillance, Syndromic Surveillance, Population Screening)
·  Hybrid Methods, combining data driven and predictive forward models
·  Explainable AI (XAI) in Health and Medical domain
·  Precision Medicine and Health
·  Response to Covid-19
· Computational models of ageing 

Autoware is the world’s first “all-in-one” open-source software for autonomous driving hosted under the Autoware Foundation.
has been a leader in the development of Autoware and has conducted multiple deployment tests based on Autoware across the world. Autoware runs on Linux OS and ROS (Robot Operating System) Middleware, and performs all the required functionality.

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