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Recycling Technology Platform

The core members include experts in the domestic and international recycling industry from Microsoft and Alibaba, as well as scientists in the fields of AI and computer vision

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Scrap Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing recycling industries. From a single wire to a pile of shredded mix metal, Ai will tell you the recoveries, ratios, impurities, melting, up/downgrades, knowledges, and the most important, the best prices and best matches! Find the right partner here to maximize your resources and increase your value.

 leveraging AI and CV technology, we have developed an intelligent solution for the recycling industry. Our scalable solution addresses industry challenges, facilitates cross-border scrap business platform, and promotes waste recycling, contributing to carbon reduction and environmental protection. We have offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Hong Kong, Chennai, Hangzhou and the Cayman Islands.

scrap GPT,an artificial intelligence specially trained in the field of metal scrap. My daily interactions with recyclers around the world enable me to stay up-to-date with market trends and developments in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns regarding metal scrap, I am here to provide you with accurate and timely information to the best of my abilities.

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