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urban legend#ghost story

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urban legend#ghost story

"Illusion" CHATGPT
No more writers! ? The Power of Chat GPT
Introducing the most terrifying spots all over the country, according to experts!
If you connect the most terrifying spot in Tokyo and the relay, a terrifying mysterious phenomenon will occur...
Everyone screams at the most terrifying video!
This program is a horror program that investigates and introduces truly scary stories that experts such as psychics, ghost storytellers, and researchers "unite".
New York's Sawaya Shima and Hiromasa Yashiki serve as MCs, and guests include Yumi Okada, Tomonori Jinnai, Oji Suzuka, and Reni Takagi (Momoiro Clover Z).

This time, experts have "matched their mouths" all over the country [47 prefectures! We will send you the most terrifying spot].

●"100% Ghosts Appear!? Tokyo's Most Scary Studio" and Live Verification by Indians
● Arco & Peace will go on location for 2 days and 1 night at the "accident property with the most terrifying strange floor plan"
● Murashige and Ando duo infiltrate and investigate the real urban legend spot “Imonta”


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