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Powering creativity

We provide a wealth of options for encountering new products on the open internet, fostering innovation, and leveraging your digital marketing strategy. As a global technology company, we support marketers and media owners in achieving their business goals through the world's leading commerce media platform.

Through our cutting-edge commerce media platform, we facilitate the achievement of business objectives for marketers and media owners alike.

helps creative professionals from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes produce their best work with incredible content and innovative tools, all on one platform

Creating a positive spiral in the world, our data science company aims to support all innovators who aspire to make the world a better place. As the world faces challenges such as food and energy shortages due to population growth, escalating global warming and disaster management, declining working-age populations, and improving healthspan and quality of life, we recognize the pressing need for solutions. Despite the pivotal role AI plays in addressing these social challenges, many harbor concerns about its potential threats to humanity.

At the core of these concerns lies a vague apprehension toward the unknown. We firmly believe that solving societal issues will always remain a human endeavor, not solely reliant on AI. Therefore, we are committed to providing innovators who seek to better the world with trustworthy AI solutions to help them identify the root causes of problems and explore potential solutions.

Our business activities include:

  • Development and provision of AI and data analytics systems

  • Data analytics services

  • Development of wellness solutions

  • Planning, development, and operation of IoT platforms and services


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Utilizing a wide range of tools from audience segmentation optimization to creative automation and big data analytics, we offer tailored solutions for home promotion videos, specifically catering to local contractors and house builders. Our innovative DSP (Demand-Side Platform) advertising, "Home Display Ads," is customized for this niche, aiming to target audiences responsive to real estate ads. By strategically placing banner advertisements on high-quality platforms, we achieve high click-through rates, efficiently expanding product and brand awareness.

Applications of Generative AI in the Advertising Industry • Generative AI is increasingly being employed in the advertising industry. By automatically generating text, images, and video content, Generative AI can promptly create original and captivating advertising materials. Additionally, it can analyze consumer data and needs, enabling the generation of customized advertisements tailored to individual preferences. • Furthermore, Generative AI aids in analyzing vast amounts of market data to predict consumer trends and future patterns. Benefits of Having Generative AI Create Advertisements There are numerous benefits to having Generative AI create advertisements compared to human-generated ones. Here are three specific examples:

  1. Time & Cost Reduction

  2. Increased Variety of Ideas

  3. Creation of Effective Advertisements Time & Cost Reduction​ Utilizing Generative AI can lead to significant time and cost savings. Generative AI can produce high-quality advertising content in a short amount of time. Tasks that traditionally took several days to weeks to complete can now be finished in hours, or even minutes in some cases. Additionally, automation through Generative AI reduces the burden on human resources such as designers and copywriters. This allows for cost reduction in labor and enables personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Increased Variety of Ideas Generative AI learns from vast amounts of data and patterns to provide multiple advertising ideas simultaneously, some of which may not have been conceived through human imagination. Furthermore, it can quickly customize advertising ideas to fit different targets or markets. The ability to generate a large quantity of ideas that humans may not have thought of even with prolonged consideration is a significant advantage of using Generative AI. Creation of Effective Advertisements Generative AI can analyze individual consumer preferences and behaviors to provide personalized, customized advertisements. This can lead to improved engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, by swiftly generating multiple advertising variations, A/B testing becomes more manageable, allowing for the rapid identification of the most effective advertising strategies. Points to Consider When Having Generative AI Create Advertisements While it is convenient to have Generative AI create advertisements due to the reduced time and cost involved, there are points to be cautious of. Failure to do so may lead to significant damage if overlooked. Some tools may not be suitable for commercial use Some content generated by Generative AI may not be suitable for commercial use due to licensing restrictions. Certain Generative AI tools or platforms may not permit commercial use or limit usage to non-profit purposes only. To avoid any violations, it is crucial to carefully review the licensing terms and conditions of the tools before using them for advertising production. Risk of Copyright & Image Rights Infringement There is a risk of copyright and image rights infringement with content created by Generative AI. While Generative AI may reference existing works to create new content, there is a risk of copyright infringement if these works are protected by copyright. Additionally, if images created by Generative AI resemble real individuals, there is a possibility of infringing on their image rights. Potential for Biased Representations in Generated Content It is essential to be cautious of biased representations in content created by Generative AI. Generative AI learns based on the data it is fed, and if the data contains biases, there is a risk of the generated advertisements containing biased representations or stereotypes. Furthermore, there is a possibility of generating content lacking sensitivity to different cultures or communities, which could negatively impact a brand's image.



Powering creativity

Powering creativity

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