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Quantum classical computing platform

Meet the Team


HOC Intelligent Technology is relying on Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other famous universities based on the research academia of the field-leading top doctoral professors R & D team and strong technology accumulation, more than 400 people, big data solutions to the industry "intelligent, digital" transformation as an opportunity, deep cultivation of "finance, transportation, operators" three vertical fields, to provide professional intelligent data services

DX, ICT, AI, Agriculture, Medical, Human Resource Development, Future Prediction, SDGs, etc.

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Harvard University Computer Science Ph.D.

Harvard University Research Scholar Professor IEEE Award

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Abhijit Banerjee

MIT University Professor Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics

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Doctor of Computer Science, University of Oxford, Professor, University of Cambridge A.M. Turing Award, Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

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University Professor, Cancer Immunology Research Center, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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Mr. Tasuku Honjo 

Mr.Shinya Yamanaka 



Phillip Johnson LAB

Professor at Herbert University, Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Development, American Academy of Art and Design, Harvard University. Engaged in landscape and urban design work at a design firm in the United States.

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Ardem Patapoutian

Professor at Cambridge University, Professor at MIT University, Winner of the Medical Nobel Prize

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Architecture/urban design

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Framework trains innovative physical machine learning ML models to accelerate industrial digital twins, climate science, protein engineering, and more


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About us

Irritation is falling everywhere

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HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. conducts research in a wide range of fields, including deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, human-computer interaction, reinforcement learning, robotics, compilers, distributed processing, dedicated hardware, bioinformatics, and chemoinformatics. We are developing. Aiming for early deployment of quantum technology in industry, we will accelerate research, development and practical application of quantum technology, and build a quantum industry ecosystem together with partners and customers.Information technology, life science, biotechnology, electronic engineering, etc. , various fields of research and development and innovative projects are carried out. The Science Park is a highly attractive location for scientists, entrepreneurs and researchers, with an environment that supports innovation and business growth. Director of Director                                                                                                                                                                                                 VP/CTO 国龍


September 2020


Representative Director Koko Tahara

Director GuoLong

Customer Question

Lawyer, tax accountant, social labor consultant

Affiliated members

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Higashiosaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fiscal year end

The end of August


10 million yen


Group Non-consolidated 15 people, consolidated 80 people


Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare White Company

General worker dispatch business qualification permission

Privacy Mark qualification

Information security management system certification

ISMS (ISO27001) certification registration
QMS (ISO9001) certification registration
Worker dispatch business license
Paid employment placement business license
CMM5 companies

ISO9000 company

sdgs companies

White company certification

Affiliated academic societies & affiliated organizations

Japan Economic Association

Information Processing Society of Japan

Japan Management Accounting Society

Japan Society for Intelligent Information Fuzzy Science

Database Society of Japan

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

Japan Society of Finance


​Artificial Intelligence Society

Japanese Society of Physical Fitness Medicine

Japanese Society of Biomedical Engineering

Japanese Physiological Society

Japan Design Society

Japan Industrial Property Law Society

Copyright Law Society

Japan Intellectual Property Society

Japan Patent Attorneys Association

Environmental Art Society

Japan Film Society

Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium

Docomo 5G Open Partner Program


Our company has become a regular member of Xport, an urban open innovation hub.

Small business management innovation certified company <member organization>
New Economy Federation Small and Medium Enterprise Management Innovation Certified Company <Member Organization>
New Economy Federation

AUBA (formerly: eiicon)

We are always looking for collaboration partners.

Common email:

(Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 *Excluding holidays and New Year's holidays)

TEL 06-6720-8749 Corona response phone service canceled

Japan Standard Industrial Classification

"39 Information service industry"
"40 Internet-related services"
"41 Video/Audio/Text information production work"
"726 Design Business"
"73 Advertising"

"74A Architectural Design Business"

West Japan Venture 100

In September 2021, our company was selected as one of the West Japan Venture 100.

Certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization "White 500"

In 2022, our company was certified as a ``Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)'' by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a corporation that practices health and productivity management. HOCIT Group's average overtime hours per month is 27.8 hours. The paid leave usage rate is 70.6% (FY2021). Furthermore, the return to work rate after childcare leave is almost 100%. We provide an environment where both men and women can work with peace of mind for a long time



Main services

Specialized field

Life science, information and communication, general natural science, manufacturing technology (mechanical, electrical and electronic, chemical engineering) social infrastructure (civil engineering, architecture, disaster prevention) frontier (aviation, shipping) humanities, social studies, etc.

AI/Data & Intelligence, Blockchain, CRM (Customer Management), Security/Authentication Data Center, Network, Robotics, ERP (Integrated Operations)/Business Management, IoT, Customer Contact/Payment, Cloud, etc., Biotech, Healthcare, Medical, Agriculture etc.

business area

Technology research, ICT consulting, software development, system integration, network services, outsourcing services, etc.

Overview classification and research and development areas

"Environment/Energy field", "System/Information science field", "Life science/Clinical medicine field") "Nanotechnology/Materials field"

Environment/Energy Application

Next-generation solar cell materials/Electricity storage devices/Power semiconductor materials/devices/Energy carriers/Separation technology/

Life and healthcare applications/Biomaterials/Nanomedical systems/Biomeasurement/diagnostic devices/Bioimaging

ICT/Electronics/New functional nanoelectronics devices/Integrated photonics/Spintronics/MEMS/Sensing devices/Basic robot technology/Quantum information/communications/Quantum measurement/sensing/

Social infrastructure/Structural materials (metals)/Structural materials (composite materials)/

Design and control of materials and functions/Molecules/Element strategy/Rare element substitution/Materials informatics/Phonon engineering/Topological materials/Low-dimensional materials/Design and process of complex materials/Nanomechanical control technology/

Common infrastructure science/ Microfabrication process/Additive manufacturing/laser processing/Nano/operando measurement technology/Substance/material simulation/Common support measures/ELSI/EHS of nano/micro materials, international standards

Sustainable energy and resources, advanced materials and green intelligent manufacturing, ubiquitous information network, eco-high-value agriculture and bio-industry, comprehensive health security, ecological and environmental protection and development, aerospace and marine capacity development, national and public security. To this end, they will focus on the following strategic research.

1. Sustainable energy/resource system = Three types of research, including scaled-up power generation using renewable energy, advanced nuclear energy, clean and highly efficient comprehensive use of coal, and deep resource exploration equipment research, development, and application models.

2. Advanced materials and green intelligent manufacturing systems = Research on green manufacturing equipment for high-quality basic raw materials, high-performance composite material development and manufacturing equipment, high-efficiency clean recycling of resources, ubiquitous information-based manufacturing technology, etc.

3. Research on ubiquitous information network system = "post-IP" network model, "Internet of Things (IOT)" (ubiquitous network), low-cost and low-loss information equipment systems and application models.

4. Eco-high value agriculture/bioindustrial system = Research on molecular design of agricultural animal and plant varieties, biomanufacturing, new bioindustry, etc.

5. Wide-ranging health security system = Four research areas: early diagnosis of serious chronic diseases and systematic involvement, brain and cognitive science, psychological and mental health, stem cells and regenerative medicine, and low-cost health and medical technology that can benefit a wide range of people.

6. Ecology/environmental protection cultivation and development system = research on carbon cycle/climate change response, regional environment simulation/watershed environmental management system/application model, strategic bioresource protection/use and biodiversity, etc.

System business: System consulting, software development and implementation support, construction of internal corporate networks including the Internet, system development, etc., and staffing and employment placement business.

Our company mainly handles many projects for major Sier "first vendors" such as Hitachi Group and NTT Data Group. Many of our projects involve direct interaction with end users, and we continue to grow on the back of stable demand. Since our company provides integrated support from the most upstream process, including system proposals, it is an environment where it is easy to expand the range of technology.

System work
Backend development work experience using Java, Ruby, PHP, Go, Python, Node.js, etc.
Experience in front-end development using JavaScript, Typescript, React, etc., experience in web service development using cloud services such as AWS, practical experience as an infrastructure engineer, experience related to AI, IoT, and data science, experience related to energy and IT work.

SAP consultant, DX consultant, Salesforce consultant, SDGS consultant, AWS consultant, Azure consultant, GCP consultant, etc.

Main clients: Our clients include national research institutes, universities, medical institutions, public institutions, leading companies, and the United Nations (SDGS).

​NTT Data Sekisui Systems Co., Ltd.

NTT East Japan Corporation

NTT West Japan Corporation

NTT Docomo Inc.

OGIS Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Canon IT Solutions Inc.

KDDI Corporation (Mobile Solution Partner)

KDDI Technology Co., Ltd.

NTT Data SBC Corporation

Softbank Corp.

SoftBank Telecom Corp.

Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Denso Corporation

Toyotsu Electronics Co., Ltd.

Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.

Several other information home appliance manufacturers

NTT data
NTT Data Business Systems
NTT Data Intramart
NTT Data Frontier
NTT Data Financial Core
NTT data customer service
NTT Data Hokuriku
NTT Communications
NTT Com Engineering
NTT Com Solutions
NTT Plala

fujitsu efsus
Fujitsu FIP
Dentsu International Information Service
CTC technology
EY Japan
SB Systems
Softbank mobile
Hitachi Johnson Controls Air Conditioning
panasonic solution technology
transaction media networks

design business

A comprehensive production team that creates brand experience value in the digital, creative, and activation fields, planning, production, import/export, and sales of various contents, as well as animation, video, and design.
We bring together the highest level of designers, copywriters, and photographers as a planning and production team for IP (Intellectual Property) businesses such as rights marketing, as well as a creative group that aims to develop advertising design and improve its quality standards. Established CG development room and production room. Separated the film department. Together with the Industrial Film Center and many partner companies, we have supported the planning and production of over 400 works, as well as advertising and promotional activities using characters and commercialization. While firmly inheriting our DNA as a business pioneer, the content business is moving toward a new stage. Empathy, longing, admiration, fun... Our hope is to stir people's emotions through the planning, production, commercialization, and event creation of content based on Japanese culture. With digitalization as a backdrop, the content market is expanding around the world.
We will further deepen our cooperation with a variety of partner companies and develop a content business that touches the emotions of people around the world.

Advertising, SP tools, website planning and production, corporate/product branding, CI/VI, UI/UX development, and general communication planning, design, and production)

Production item menu·    


· CI/VI/application development

· UI/UX development

· Package design

·        promotion

· Graphics

· Website

· Videos/Videos

· Interactive content development

·       Design Advisor

Production department

① Production area

Graphic production department

Business content

General advertising planning and design production

o ■ Planning and production of products, packages, SP tools, etc.

o ■ Web planning and production

o ■ Planning and production of videos (corporate PV/recruitment videos, etc.)

o ■ Planning and production related to corporate branding (CI/VI, etc.)

o ■ Planning and management of displays, outdoor exhibitions, booth design, etc.

② Production area

Digital production department

Business content

We seamlessly provide planning, production, and implementation of Web x graphics x video x AR/VR measures in marketing strategies such as promotions.

③ Production area

Branding production department

Business content


o ■ General branding support (companies, new businesses, product development, etc.)

o ■ Formulation of purpose, corporate philosophy, brand concept, etc.

o ■ Inner communication/inner branding support

o ■ Various creative production for brand penetration

o ■ Planning, design, and production of overall brand communication

④ Production area

UX design production department

Business content

o ■ Design/implementation of customer experience value based on branding/marketing perspective.

o ■ Support for user optimization of websites/applications/digital services, etc., and accompanying UX design.

⑤ Production area

Video/Still Production Department

Business content

o ■ Planning and production of corporate VP (WebCM/TVCM/Signage)

o ■ General location and studio shooting

o ■ Branding movie

o ■ Documentary film

o ■ Character animation

o ■ Motion & Infographics

o ■ Ending

o ■ General video production


Business content: Staffing and employment placement business centered on the advertising industry

Main client 

Advertising company

Dentsu Co., Ltd.
Dentsu Promotion Plus Co., Ltd.
Dentsu Digital Inc.
Dentsu East Japan Co., Ltd.
JR East Planning Co., Ltd., etc.


Asahi Beer Co., Ltd.
Recruit Co., Ltd.
SoftBank Corp. and others (in no particular order)

Design TEAM affiliation organization

Japan Advertising Production Association (OAC)
UX Intelligence Association (UXIA)

· Information security certification

ISO/IEC27001/ JIS Q 27001:Certified

Professional business (certified accountant, tax accountant, lawyer, economic analysis, business analysis, FP financial services, etc.) business

Certified public accountant business

Tax accountant business

Lawyer work

Patent attorney/patent engineer services

Judicial Scrivener/Administrative Scrivener Services

Social insurance and labor consultant services

FP financial business

Qualified persons for registered professional work: Administrative scrivener, certified public accountant, judicial scrivener, social insurance labor consultant, tax accountant, small and medium-sized business consultant, land and house surveyor, real estate appraiser, lawyer, patent attorney, FP, administrative scrivener/accountant Construction qualification, professional social research
(Number of registrants: 200 or more)

Service business for foreigners: Study abroad, Japanese and English education, visa application, medical beauty and health guidance, real estate business, etc.

Services for Japanese people: Chinese education (language education for Japanese people), work visa application in China, business start-up services in China, etc.



Representative Director Koko Tahara


Harvard University Computer Science Ph.D.
and Doctor of Business Administration
Harvard University Research Scholar, University Professor

 Oxford University Computer Science Ph.D.
Doctor of Economics, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School,
Research Scholar, Physician, Herbert University
LCFI research scholar, medical school university professor,
life science research scholar university professor,
Professor of Computer Science DATASCiENCE University,
Professor of Economics University
​Art x Architectural Design Major, Research Scholar
at Musashino Art University
Collaborative research with the University
of Tokyo: Artificial Intelligence Education
Deep Learning / Deep Learning Basic Course
G Certification (Generalist) Qualification E Qualification

Engineering in Medicine and Biology 
brings together biomedical engineers from across campus,
clinic and industry to focus on advancing technology and
medicine to develop new devices and equipment for
improving human health.
committed to advancing the research and development
work of biomedical engineers in a broad range of subfields
including Bioinformatics, Biomechanics, Biomaterial,
Biomedical optics, Tissue engineering, Genetic engineering,
Neural engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering,
Medical devices, Medical imaging, Implants, Bionics,
Biomedical sensors, Clinical engineering, Rehabilitation
engineering, Regulatory issues and more.

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[ChatGPT] Course for beginners Thorough explanation of tips for increasing the accuracy and quality of responses to the point where they can be used in business [For non-engineers]

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Screenshot 2023-6-9 at 02.48 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-9 at 02.46 PM.png
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Screenshot 2023-6-10 at 01.46 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-10 at 02.08 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-10 at 01.34 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-10 at 01.51 AM.png
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Screenshot 2023-9-28 at 02.40 PM.png

Quantum technology R&D partner

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 22.08.png
Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 02.43 AM.png

R&D partner

While continuing to be at the cutting edge of research and development, we are also entering the phase of commercializing this cutting-edge technology into multiple products. Now, along with research and development,
Launch new products and services,
materials, pharmaceuticals, energy, healthcare,
retail, entertainment, etc.
Bringing cutting-edge technology to a wide range of industries
We are looking for colleagues who can deliver new experiences and value.
TEL: 06-6720-8749 Telephone service canceled in response to coronavirus
Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, New Year's holidays)
Tokyo head office


4-15-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

nearest station

5 minutes walk from Exit A5 of Tochomae Station on the Toei Oedo Line
6 minutes walk from Exit A2 of Nishi-Shinjuku Gochome Station on the Toei Oedo Line

Osaka Prefecture Head Office


4-9-35 Shuntoku-cho, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka 577-0831

nearest station

5 minutes walk from JR Osaka Higashi Line "Shuntokumichi Station" exit
Nagoya branch


1-20-12 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0003

nearest station

5 minutes walk from JR Nagoya Station exit

Research and development center

MOBIO (Manufacturing Business Center Osaka)


1-4-17 Aramotokita, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture 577-0011

DX promotion and cybersecurity measures, new space business initiatives aimed at realizing a sustainable society, AI utilization in space development and AI in new space development business
Cyber and space fields such as expansion and development in outer space, collaboration between the space industry and space security, HOCITGROUP providing space-compatible computing hardware and software, space and cyber risk governance research, cyber defense and space security, etc. HOCITGROUP utilizes cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) (utilizes high skills), provides support for balancing childcare and nursing care, and monitors movements such as interference and attacks on military and commercial satellites. Participation in ``.
"Generative AI" vs. "discriminative AI", reliable AI system prevents fraudulent financial crimes
Let's prevent it as a family! financial crime

The latest methods of financial crimes and their countermeasures are divided into “remittance fraud,” “investment solicitation fraud,” “online banking crime,” and “online shopping fraud.”

Supporting solutions to social issues such as “decarbonization,” “health improvement,” and “regional revitalization”

Sustainability basic policy/strategy
One of our basic policies is to "strengthen contributions and efforts towards SDGs," including climate change. By being the first in the industry to realize a decarbonized society, we aim to achieve "zero offsets" by 2040, which is 10 years ahead of the Japanese government's target, by taking into account the amount of reductions contributed by our clean tech business.

Environmental risks, including climate change, also present opportunities for cleantech businesses. Taking a medium- to long-term perspective, we will incorporate cutting-edge technology, predict sustainable growth in the future, and take the initiative in implementing concrete measures that will contribute to social structural transformation toward a decarbonized and recycling-oriented society. Promote.

the goal

We aim to achieve "zero offset*" of our GHG emissions by 2040 by actively promoting clean tech businesses and other businesses that contribute to reducing emissions.

​Zero offset: A state in which the amount of reduction contribution exceeds our GHG emissions

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Screenshot 2023-8-4 at 09.29 PM.png
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Screenshot 2023-8-16 at 02.19 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-8-16 at 02.07 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-8-16 at 02.09 AM.png


Screenshot 2024-1-24 at 01_edited.jpg
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The world's largest e-waste graveyard, Agbogblosi area, near Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa
300 million mobile phones are discarded in Africa every year - ``Even from Japan.'' E-waste recycling is linked to ``Africa and Europe, creating an international chain of resource circulation.It can also be extended to other resources.'' I think there is great environmental value behind this business.”​

<How to use generative AI by industry/occupation type>


manufacturing industry



real estate

medical care







PoC development of autonomous AI agent

Chat AI business utilization consulting

Inter-SaaS API collaboration and data infrastructure construction


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Screenshot 2024-1-22 at 03_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-5-10 at 11.16 AM.png


HOC Intelligent Technology is relying on Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other famous universities based on the research academia of the field-leading top doctoral professors R & D team and strong technology accumulation, more than 400 people, big data solutions to the industry "intelligent, digital" transformation as an opportunity, deep cultivation of "finance, transportation, operators" three vertical fields, to provide professional intelligent data services

As a company specializing in information services, it is a science and technology research ICT company.

Science and technology research professional services high tech companies

Research in information science, biotechnology, materials science (material science), applied biology, design engineering, architecture and design science, textile science (advanced fibroscience, bio-based materials science), etc. development. As a world-class science and technology research corporation, we promote research fields (environment/energy, life sciences, systems/information science and technology, nanotechnology/new materials, etc.) and SDGs-ESD. ・High-quality research and development centered on a wide range of research fields (environment/energy/new materials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices/health care, regeneration/cell/gene therapy, genome/data infrastructure, basic disease research, seed development/research infrastructure, etc.) Develop original technology and provide patented products and sell them.
While continuing to be at the cutting edge of research and development, we are also entering the phase of commercializing this cutting-edge technology into multiple products. We are currently looking for people to work on research and development, launch new products and services, and deliver new experiences and value brought by cutting-edge technology to a wide range of industries including materials, pharmaceuticals, energy, healthcare, retail, and entertainment.

ima02 (1).jpg

Team members

Screenshot 2023-6-17 at 12.01 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-10 at 10.58 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-10 at 10.57 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-6-10 at 03.00 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-10 at 11.01 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-12 at 10.41 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-12 at 11.13 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-12 at 10.07 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-5-12 at 10.55 AM.png

取締役 国龍



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OIP (1).jpg
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