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Science and technology research professional service ICT high-tech company
Information Science, Biotechnology, Material Creation Science (Materials Science), Applied Biology, Design Engineering, Architecture and Design Science, Textile Science (Advanced Fibroscience, Bio-based Materials Science), etc. development


The 21st century is said to be the era of life sciences. Elucidation of diseases such as cancer, brain diseases, and allergies, which have increased due to aging and stress. From the perspective of global environmental conservation, the development of bioenergy, the development of biopesticides that do not depend on chemical substances, and the development of safe food have become issues. Against this background, the Science Team of advanced engineers and researchers with the knowledge, skills, and judgment that can solve these problems in the field of applied biology.

Today, from general-purpose familiar substances and materials to substances and materials that support cutting-edge science, substances and materials that play a role in the production, storage, and transportation of energy, environmentally friendly substances and materials, and biomolecules and other substances that are linked to life. and material innovations are essential for the development of material science, material science, and even life science. These fields of science are interconnected to develop nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology, and environmental technology that support our social life. Against this background, this school has a broad perspective on advanced science and technology and substances/materials.



Engineering is a field of study that aims to design and construct things that are useful to society and safe and comfortable environments based on the basic theories of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as an understanding of natural principles. As globalization and urbanization advance, issues such as resource and energy problems, global warming, and a super-aging society are becoming apparent. Engineering is gaining importance for solving these problems. In order to plan and design things that are useful to society and safe and comfortable environments, it is necessary to discover issues and clarify objectives. You cannot move forward without understanding what is required of you. In order to actually construct things and environments, it is important to know what methods can be used and to understand the limitations in principle. Furthermore, we must ask ourselves whether the method is the best, and whether it is a natural course of action that is not unnecessarily complicated. In order to do so, we must acquire the ability to learn and understand various things and make comprehensive judgments by making full use of that knowledge. In the design engineering department, students acquire specific methods for constructing things and environments, and are highly specialized engineers who have the skills to make comprehensive judgments from the perspective of usefulness, safety, and comfort.

Comprehensive design skills (design, business, technology, curation) that can play an active role internationally by allowing students to experience step-by-step mixed-disciplinary teamwork, such as collaborative projects in research units led by globally active designers. Ability to create new value by fusing the specialized knowledge of Design ScienceScience Team
Internationally competitive architects, architectural engineers, urban planners, restoration architects and other advanced urban and architectural specialists ScienceTeam

Currently, textiles are used in a wide range of industrial fields, not only in the field of clothing, but also in medicine, construction as a fiber composite material, aircraft, and environmentally friendly materials. In the Textile Science Department, the Science Team of the Textile Science Department promotes education and research on application development and new development in industrial fields related to textiles.

The Science Team pursues knowledge, beauty, and skill, and is truly a quest for “human science and technology,” in which science and technology and humans are better connected. In addition to the development of new advanced technology, conduct comprehensive research including the relationship between new technology and humans and society.

Team members


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