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Our Mission

As a world-leading science and technology research and development corporation, we are an ICT leading high-tech company (AI) that promotes research fields (environment/energy, life science, system/information science and technology, nanotechnology/materials, etc.) and future co-creation innovation that promotes SDGs-ESD. , IOT 5G blockchain Quantum computing XR metaverse technology, DX biotechnology, etc. R&D, high-quality and original technology development Patented product provision and sales

Action Guidelines


Learn or Die

Proud, but Humble

Boldly do what no one has done before



HOC Intelligent Technology

As a company specializing in information services, it is a science and technology research and ICT company.

Science and Technology Research Professional Service High Tech Company

HOC 's consciousness is the leading doctoral research and development team of more than 400 people in the field of research academia based on Harvard University, Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Information Science, Biotechnology, Material Creation Science (Materials Science), Applied Biology, Design Engineering, Architecture and Design Science, Textile Science (Advanced Fibroscience, Bio-based Materials Science), etc. development

AI, IoT, RPA, OCR-AI, ERP, cloud, bigdata, blockchain, ICT, 5G, 3D, AR, VR, iCLIP, core industrial software, core algorithms, neutrinos, top cutting edge technology for government/local government ,Education/Medical/Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Communications/Broadcasting, Construction/Real Estate, Electricity/Gas/Water, Network, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Sports, Aerospace, Advertising, IOT, ICT and other industries

IEEE, NIPS, ICML, COLT, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, IJCAI, AAAI, UAI, KDD, SIGIR, WWW, ACL, PAMI, IJCV, JMLR, AIJ have been published more than 100 times.

HOC  Intelligent Technology and Microsoft, Microsoft Cambridge Research Institute, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Hang Seng Electronics, Yahoo, Tencent, Huawei, Facebook Paris Research, SAP, orcale, salesforce, etc., the British Liverpool team and Li Ning Sports, Ali Sports, NVIDIA, NTT, NTTDATA, Softbank, Samsung and other famous companies have contracts. R & D Center Nanjing Headquarters, Hangzhou Headquarters, Shanghai Headquarters, Taizhou Branch, Li Department, Suzhou Branch, etc. Global Japan, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea. .


The Science Team pursues knowledge, beauty, and skill, and is truly a quest for “human science and technology,” in which science and technology and humans are better connected. In addition to the development of new advanced technology, comprehensive research including the relationship between new technology and humans and society.An ICT high-tech company specializing in science and technology research.



 “an organization that continually produces cutting-edge technologies and puts them into practical use”. Such an organization would be possible only by a group of professionals who have deep expertise in technology, and who are committed to deliver new value to the world through technology. These professionals will have both the technical expertise and the passion to pursue that vision, by continuously taking on new challenges and complementing each other’s skills. At HOC , we just love working with such a group of people. While technical expertise is a necessity, we also value personality even more. That is why we would like to work with members with the following qualities:

・Having an understanding of diversity, and the ability to combine various expertise.
・Flexibility and a constant intellectual curiosity and motivation toward learning new technology.
・Ability to achieve great results by working as a team.
・Sincere attitude toward work and technology.
・Passionate about using technology to improve society.

Next Generation Energy System Creation Strategy Green Lab
The 21st century is said to be the era of life sciences. Elucidation of diseases such as cancer, brain diseases, and allergies, which have increased due to aging and stress. From the perspective of global environmental conservation, the development of bioenergy, the development of biopesticides that do not depend on chemical substances, and the development of safe food have become issues. Against this background, in the field of applied biology, a team of advanced engineers and researchers with the knowledge, skills, and judgment that can solve these problems, and biotechnology have played a major role in modern society. . Biotechnology has rapidly filled the gap between practical sciences related to organisms such as agriculture, medicine, and pharmacy, and basic biology, and has continued to develop. In this department, we make full use of biotechnology to not only analyze life phenomena themselves, but also to realize technologies related to better human life.
 New Material Innovation Lab
Today, from general-purpose familiar substances and materials to substances and materials that support cutting-edge science, substances and materials that play a role in the production, storage, and transportation of energy, environmentally friendly substances and materials, and biomolecules and other substances that are linked to life. and material innovations are essential for the development of material science, material science, and even life science. These fields of science are interconnected to develop nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology, and environmental technology that support our social life. Against this background, this school has a broad perspective on advanced science and technology and substances and materials, and explores and develops next-generation substances and materials.
engineering organization

Engineering is a field of study that aims to design and construct things that are useful to society and safe and comfortable environments based on the basic theories of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as an understanding of natural principles. As globalization and urbanization advance, issues such as resource and energy problems, global warming, and a super-aging society are becoming apparent. Engineering is gaining importance for solving these problems. In order to plan and design things that are useful to society and safe and comfortable environments, it is necessary to discover issues and clarify objectives. You cannot move forward without understanding what is required of you. In order to actually construct things and environments, it is important to know what methods can be used and to understand the limitations in principle. Furthermore, we must ask ourselves whether the method is the best, and whether it is a natural course of action that is not unnecessarily complicated. In order to do so, we must acquire the ability to learn and understand various things and make comprehensive judgments by making full use of that knowledge. In the design engineering department, a team of highly specialized engineers acquires specific methods for constructing things and environments, and has the skills to make comprehensive judgments from the perspectives of usefulness, safety, and comfort.

October 2020 Winner China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition International Competition Final Award
The Largest Blockchain AI Big Data Cloud Platform Focused On Building "R&D" Global







Team Scientists joint research with NEDO

and JST  Carbon dioxide fixation by algae and biomass fuel production


Carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes global warming, is also absorbed by seaweed and marine organisms in the sea.


The carbon absorbed by forests on land is called "green carbon," but the carbon taken up by marine ecosystems was named "blue carbon" in a 2009 report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). .


The blue carbon is now attracting worldwide attention as a powerful CO2 absorption source for the prevention of global warming.


A study reported at the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that only 12% of the total amount of CO2 emitted by human activities was absorbed by forests and other sources. Meanwhile, 31% of CO2 is absorbed by seaweed and marine organisms.


The reason why the adsorption rate is lower on land than in the ocean is that when forests catch fire or die and are decomposed by microorganisms, the CO2 that should have been absorbed returns to the atmosphere. On the other hand, there are no fires in the ocean, and dead algae accumulate on the ocean floor, which is cut off from the atmosphere, making it difficult for them to decompose. In some cases, it is said that this is because organic matter containing carbon continues to be stored for thousands of years.


The remaining 57% of CO2, not adsorbed in the ocean or on land, remains in the atmosphere and contributes to the greenhouse effect. Therefore, attempts are being made around the world to find ways to increase the absorption of CO2 by marine ecosystems.




Chinese Academy of Sciences research team and joint research Team Scientists

New methods leveraging machine learning (ML) technology can accelerate the discovery of useful microalgae and their functions, converting carbon dioxide into high-value molecules. Researchers at the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), Chinese Academy of Sciences

"Don't be deceived even if it's small." Microalgae may be small, simple, single-celled microbes, but they come in many different forms and perform diverse functions, each of which can have a large impact in addressing social issues such as climate change.

Just as plants absorb carbon dioxide and synthesize sugars, the metabolic activity of microalgae naturally converts carbon dioxide into other compounds that are useful in the production of food, fuel, and pharmaceuticals.

 Several communities are exploring ways to achieve carbon neutrality. As such, the capabilities of microalgae could be harnessed to reduce carbon emissions through a variety of chemical and manufacturing processes. But with millions of microalgae living on Earth, scientists still don't know which species are the most efficient at recycling carbon.

In an effort to accurately identify the characteristics and metabolic activities of microalgae, many research institutes are culturing and growing microalgae cells. However, this process is time consuming and tedious. A team at QIBEBT has developed a method to accelerate the study of microalgae by combining a chemical analysis technique called micro-Raman spectroscopy with a ML-based computing framework.

Using micro-Raman spectroscopy, microalgae and their intracellular compounds scatter incoming high-intensity light according to their chemical structure and molecular interactions. The scattered Raman lightwaves are assembled into a spectrum of signals, revealing the function of each cell factory and creating two types of imaging images. One from the molecule that gives the color and the other from all other compounds.

Most micro-Raman spectroscopy uses only one of two imaging images, but the team combines the Raman spectroscopy images to derive detailed information about microalgae metabolism, creating a database of Raman spectra from over 9,000 cells. built.

The system used ML algorithms to quickly extract patterns from the data, and this accuracy was confirmed to identify species and their metabolic activity with a whopping 97% accuracy compared to previously cultured microalgae. rice field.

Meanwhile, the researchers complemented their strategy by using genome sequencing technology on uncultured microalgae to analyze the species' DNA one cell at a time. We leveraged high-quality sequencing and the capabilities of ML to analyze the molecular world of each microalgal cell, allowing us to learn and improve as more data entered the system.

“This comprehensive approach enables the rapid identification and metabolic profiling of single cells, whether cultured or not. It can greatly accelerate and achieve carbon neutrality," said the research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Systems Division 

System consulting, software development and implementation support, construction

of corporate networks including the Internet and intranets, system development, etc.

Design Division Comprehensive production team that creates brand experience value

in the digital, creative, and activation fields, planning, production, import/export and

sales of various contents, focusing on anime, video, and design

Planning, design, and production of advertising, SP tools, website planning, production,

corporate/product branding, CI/VI, UI/UX development, etc.)

Professional Business Department: (Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant, Lawyer),

Foreign Resident Services: Study Abroad, Work Visa Application, Medical Information,

Residence Application Guide, etc.

It is one of the three major companies of the HOCIT Group.

HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,

Advanced Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Harcow Intelligent Science and

Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd., located in China
The HOCIT Group looks to the future together with customers and provides a variety

of services to transform businesses and solve social issues using digital technology.

We are working together with our customers to realize a sustainable society.

Visionary business transformation with advanced technology.
As a company specializing in information services, it is a science and

technology research ICT company. Science and Technology Research

Professional ServicesInformation Science, Bioscience, Materials Science
Registered address: 4-9-35 Shuntoku-cho, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
Training and Education Center: 3-15-18 Yokonuma-cho, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
Domestic bases

HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch System Development Base Alea Shinagawa
HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Nagoya Branch System Development Base 

HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Osaka Branch System Development Base

Advanced Technology Research Institute Higashiosaka City Headquarters

System Development Base MOBIO
HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Higashiosaka Head Office System Development

Overseas Group Companies
China HOC Intelligent Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd.
Room 801-845, No. 17 Xinghui Road, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, China
- Participating in projects in the U.S., the U.K., etc., as well as major domestic

corporate system and mobile app development.
Nanjing, China - Scientific and technological research professional service in China,

system development for information science, bioscience, and materials science.
·        Shenzhen (China) - Environmental and energy system development

and BIO technology R&D for enterprises in China
·       ·        Shanghai, China--Autonomous driving and system development for

medical companies in China.
·        Hangzhou (China) - System development for DX of manufacturing companies in China,

metaverse, AI× agriculture, SDGS-related services, etc.
·        Suzhou (China) - Research and development of new materials,

SI for Chinese companies, ERP, etc.
London, UK 
California, United States )
Canada Capital
Germany Capital







Mr. TAHARA is a physician who graduated from Herbert University

Medical School and became a professor at OXFORD University before

founding the company in 2020. In the medical industry, he has made policy proposals

to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and is attracting attention from

society not only as a venture entrepreneur but also as a doctor. We aim to

create a society where all people can receive appropriate medical care by

visualizing the technology of doctors, and our mission is to change medical care

using technology. We are a company engaged in research and development of

image processing and image recognition. By combining deep learning and image

processing technology, we are expanding our business to various fields

in the real world. AI programs that are heavy in processing have been reduced

in weight and successfully installed in smartphones and in-vehicle cameras,

and are expected to play an active role in the medical field, where the

development of image processing software is desired.We are developing online

medical care services and services that provide optimal treatment methods as

solutions by analyzing medical data such as health checkup results and surgery

videos with AI. With deep learning technology familiar to us, we want to realize a

society where anyone can use devices that use machine learning, and our main

business is joint development projects with leading Japanese companies such

as NTT DATA and Toyota Motor Corporation, and we are demonstrating our strengths

in co-creating businesses using cutting-edge machine learning technology. In addition,

deep learning is characterized by the adoption of its original technology

"micro quantization technology", which is attracting attention for its ability to

significantly reduce capacity and computational intensity. Its mission is to make

devices such as automobiles and robots smarter using artificial intelligence,

and it is attracting attention from various industries for its core computing technology,

including the development and provision of an open-source deep learning framework.

Our mission is to realize a happy society through solving social issues using AI,

and we are promoting initiatives to use AI to solve social problems, especially in

Japan of a super-aging society. Artificial intelligence models can be used for various

usage scenarios, such as CT image analysis at medical sites, scratch detection

at construction sites, and object name judgment in images. It is the world's first

wearable cyborg rental business to solve social problems arising in a super-aging

society, and contributes to the lives of people with disabilities and

the elderly without inconvenience, which can improve, assist, expand,

and regenerate physical functions. We are working on the business

implementation of AI based on our abundant knowledge of AI introduction for a wide

range of industries from manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, and retail,

and we have developed it in-house as an operation platform for deep learning,

and with the consensus building algorithm unique to our store analysis service

based on the acquisition and analysis of customer behavior data such as visitor

attributes, flow line analysis, and repeat estimation, "There is no teacher data"

We have developed technology that can quantify qualitative value,

and have a mechanism that can objectively quantify sensory assets such as

human creativity and sense. The service that applies this technology is

being developed as a product that can quantify sensory creative abilities and science

human ideas. In addition, the "Design Thinking Test" conducted makes it possible to

judge design thinking ability based on objective numerical values. Like humans,

it learns and grows on its own, so it is characterized by improving its accuracy as

it continues to be used. No-code predictive AI that supports operational efficiency

such as demand forecasting, inventory management, and automatic ordering

In addition, it can process different data such as images, sounds, various sensor data,

text, and control signals in a complex manner, and by applying its unique parallel

processing technology, it realizes high-speed processing at low load and can be

operated on smartphones.

In the future, we want to create a world where each and every one of us can grow up

our own children, and we are working every day to develop familiar artificial brains.

Focusing on the inventory problem of the apparel industry, the artificial intelligence

platform service that learns the user's sensibility is specialized in the apparel industry,

and realizes personalized marketing from customer attributes and

purchase historyAI-based demand forecasting solution The apparel industry depends

on individual tastes, sensibilities, and trends, so it was said that it was difficult to

predict demand even with AI. , With the development of artificial intelligence

to learn sensibility, it has brought innovation to the apparel industry. We are engaged

in a one-stop system service for real estate transactions that were conventionally

conducted in analogue form, and have realized operational efficiency in real estate

sales and investment. We also provide real estate appraisal services using AI,

and we are a company that we cannot take our eyes off future trends. We offer a

wide range of AI solutions, including image analysis, natural language processing,

and reinforcement learning, tailored to customer needs.

In addition, we can participate in the project from the planning stage of AI solution

introduction, and provide one-stop delivery from data creation, AI algorithm

development, application development, and maintenance support work.

In addition, as our own service, we also provide a set of hardware and software

that is optimal for deep learning. While supporting the use of AI, we will realize

services that enrich people's lives with AI and innovate consumer lifestyles,

focusing on the three priority business areas of smart city creation support,

signage advertising, and fashion trend analysis. We respond to customer needs by

utilizing various cutting-edge image analysis technologies such as facial

expression and browsing analysis. We have successfully established

ourselves as a company that actively incorporates technologies that are

beneficial to our clients' new services and operational innovations,

combining analytical and engineering capabilities. We regard the

current situation of experts with specific knowledge and experience as a problem,

and we want to realize a society where anyone can use AI technology,

and we are focusing not only on solution proposals but also on the AI education

business. Our main business is that it is an education and learning tool that allows

AI to be utilized in the field even if you do not have specialized skills or knowledge.

We are focusing on AI human resource development, and our AI human resource

development online training service has been introduced by more than 350 companies,

mainly major companies, with the aim of creating an organization that

can utilize AI technology.

In addition, we are engaged in contract development of AI systems from planning

support for AI and DX projects, and by doing so in parallel with AI human resource

development, we are building a system that allows us to realize cost-effectiveness

with a sense of speed. It is a company that provides AI algorithms for corporations.

The technology in the visible part offers licensing not only for the engine part of

artificial intelligence. It has a track record of introduction by large companies

such as NTT DoCoMo and LINE, but it may not be well known in general.

The business model is to license various modules such as text understanding,

dialogue, video analysis, prediction, and anomaly detection. We possess many of

the world's best AI technologies in fields such as audio, images and video,

language and semantic understanding, and prediction, and are developing

them in a wide range of fields such as social infrastructure, corporate

marketing enhancement, and operational efficiency. We support the use of AI

in fields such as social infrastructure, mobility, manufacturing, and digital

marketing. Through demonstration experiments with customers and in-house

experiments, we have clarified the priority areas and usage scenarios of AI.

Because of its AI technology that supports Japanese, it is strong in Japan business,

and there are many cases of introduction at contact centers and electric power

companies in Japan. It is a technology that automatically generates a large number

of hypotheses from big data and selects the optimal solution. In distribution,

this technology has already been applied to 57 projects in 14 fields, including finance,

railways, factories, and water plants, such as generating recommendations for

customers, recognizing faces from images, and answering quizzes. We support

unpredictable areas that people can't think of, and find solutions. We can expect to

improve operational efficiency in various fields in the future. It can be said that it is

a driving force in trends and the latest technologies in AI services.

Since unmanned delivery robots can avoid various problems caused by

humans riding them, it seems that there was an aim of early monetization.

Due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, the demand for contactless delivery

has increased and is growing in scale. It can be said that it is a company that

will continue to attract attention in the future. We are a company that provides

edge AI semiconductors for autonomous drivingEdge means "edge" and refers

to each electrical appliance connected by smartphones and IoT. The penetration

of the cloud has made it possible to acquire a wide range of data, but at the same time,

communication speed problems have also arisen. By processing information on

the edge side, real-time processing has become more realistic.

As for autonomous driving, edge AI technology is expected to

overcome various problems in terms of power consumption

and performance. Since converting AI (artificial intelligence)

into FPGAs requires not only AI (artificial intelligence) knowledge

but also specialized knowledge and know-how of IC circuits,

it has been successfully commercialized in Japan.

The company is characterized by its emphasis on initiatives

that allow clients to use AI technology independently. Our strength is

in providing AI solutions centered on algorithms, and we develop and

provide algorithm solutions using natural language processing, image

recognition, and machine learning/deep learning technologies for

various hardware terminals (servers, smartphones, medical equipment,

various IoT devices). Since there are many participants from top firms in Japan

and overseas, and we have many employees who are strong in business

development, we are able to realize solid business development in

anticipation of profitability, which is a feature that other companies do not have.

Unlike deep learning, which requires a large amount of data, reservoir

computing technology, which has strengths in cutting-edge Internet

technology and encryption technology, and provides solutions using AI,

requires only a small amount of data and requires less computation.

Currently, there are no competitors in this technology, and it is a monopoly in Japan.

Since deep learning can be performed with a small amount of data,

it has been highly evaluated by companies that want to introduce machine learning

or have failed to introduce machine learning in the past because it allows for a small

start. Reservoir computing technology can be effective with 1/100 the data of

normal deep learning. Focusing on the fact that conventional SFA/CRM has not

solved the problems in sales activities, AI has a mechanism to automate

troublesome data entry by analyzing project risks and directly advising

similar projects as a sales support tool that the field really needs, and

the number of companies using it has exceeded 1,000.It is expected to

continue to be a tool to maximize sales productivity.


The HOCIT Group has adopted the corporate motto of "Developing and

Improving Personality" and has conducted management that values "people".

Our current activities are also based on Koizumi's DNA of facing "humans"

while communicating firmly. Activities developed from various perspectives

such as education, lifestyle, community, health, and the next generation,

Overcome adversity with "dual-wielding"! Expanding sales channels with our own brand

× main business

Adversity is also a new business opportunity. Even small companies do not neglect

their main business (subcontracting work), and boldly take on the challenge of

branding their own products by utilizing the technology, human resources,

and networks cultivated there. In other words, we will follow the efforts of

regional companies that are creating a large synergistic effect

in the "dual-wielding style" and developing new sales channels

to increase their performance.

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