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It's healthier (AI medical advisors for those without medical care), smarter (students can learn using chat GPT), and more fun (AI-generated memes), and even code reviews. God...?

I asked ChatGPT to design an ETF that "wins the market"

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ChatGPT Authentication/ChatGPT Health/ChatGPT
Medical industry/ Drug Discovery Industry

Preparing medical certificates, insurance-related documents, etc. is one of the jobs of doctors who spend a lot of time on it, but if keywords are automatically extracted from medical records and GPT completes them, it will lead to a significant reduction in work time.
Full-scale introduction to electronic medical record systems is yet to be achieved, but if it progresses, its use is expected to spread quickly, and doctors may be able to focus more on brain work.
In addition, the other day, it was reported in a paper that GPT may surpass doctors in terms of quality of answers and empathy compared to doctors in the online health consultation scene (references), and there are expectations.
Although there are concerns about misguidance due to the halcination of GPT, it is highly likely that its use will expand as a means of reducing telephone responses at medical institutions as a first step before visiting a medical institution.

If the use of GPT progresses, research efficiency such as searching for papers will increase by about 10%, and I believe that GPT itself will not change drug discovery.
However, with the familiarization of open-based platforms, we believe that the soil for more people to take on the challenge of AI drug discovery is being created.
Currently, drug discovery is a specialized field, so at present there are no dexterous human resources who are both experts in machine learning and drug discovery.
In many cases, machine learning engineers will take the lead in industrializing machine learning by applying machine learning to the world of their specialized field.


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