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Real estate ChatGPT


There will be no need for salespeople who only respond to customer questions and consultations.
Simple customer responses, such as non-payment of rent, have also been automated, and reminder call services that combine AI and automated voice have already appeared.
Automated customer service is also available 24 hours a day, which will create an increase in customer satisfaction.
The creation of property advertisement text should also be automated.
Until now, humans have been a time-consuming task, but it is highly likely that all processes will be automated, from creating simple property advertisements to creating customer personas and creating effective catch phrases and DMs.
New businesses that may be born (although they have started as some businesses) include real estate interior design, interior design, and automatic generation of concept art.
The automatic creation of the optimal architectural plan for the shape of the land will surely be realized by GPT and LLM.

1. ・ Mortgage calculation
2. ・Calculation of income property (initial analysis)
3. ・Listen to real estate terms
4. ・Listen to an overview of the municipality
5. Ask for the average yield
6. Ask about average monthly rent
7. ・Ask about the price of the land
ask general questions
1. Create a blog
2. Email creation
3. Translation request
4. Abstract of article/paper
5. Ask general questions
The model released this time is the official release of the real estate CHATGPT of the real estate industry that can answer the latest real estate market data. We may answer mistakes in mortgage calculations and income real estate calculations, but we develop models that can perform real estate appraisals, room searches, and accurate mortgage calculations and income real estate calculations. We plan to further enhance the functions by actively incorporating feedback and requests from real estate-related businesses. We aim to support the digital transformation of the real estate industry and contribute to the efficiency and innovation of the industry as a whole.

Property Proposal Service
Automatically generate property recommendations → voice or text input of desired property conditions

・Assistance with document preparation
Assists in the preparation of blueprints and property perspectives at the purchase consideration stage, explanations of important matters at the purchase contract stage, contracts, etc.

・Virtual online concierge service
Home Link Co., Ltd. accepts inquiries from customers after moving in through apps, web browser pages, telephones, etc., and provides automatic answers.

Automatic avatar generation

  • Facebook のアイコン
  • Twitter のアイコン
  • LinkedIn のアイコン
  • Instagram のアイコン

Service overview


Of course, ChatGPT is also starting to be used in the real estate industry. The most easy to understand is the writing of the property introduction text. If you enter a keyword that conveys the characteristics of the property and instruct it to create an introduction sentence, the property introduction will be completed in just a few seconds.
The same applies to texts for posting on SNS and copy for advertisements. You can also write longer sentences and blogs with more than 10,000 characters in no time. You can also write scripts for filming. It does most of the work related to marketing. Moreover, the work speed is much faster than humans, so there is no reason not to use it.
However, it should be noted that ChatGPT is still error-prone. There are even times when I write sentences that are the exact opposite of the facts, so human checks are still essential before putting them out into the world. Due to the nature of machine learning, the more it is used, the more accurate it will be, so there are high expectations for its further evolution.


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