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University (Research Field)
We aim to promote joint research in computational social science, which is a fusion of social science, computational science, and data science, and to establish and systematize computational social science as a new social science based on computational science and data science, and to form an international research center that will lead the field worldwide.

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University (Research Field)

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Research is the core of the added value that universities provide to society.
In the preparatory stage (preparatory stage) of conducting the research, there is a task called "investigation of previous research", which is written into a paper and the results are questioned by the world and the value of the research is clarified.
However, in the next one or two years, the time may come when it is possible to skip this previous stage and write a paper directly (depending on the field of research).
As a result, the raison d'être of graduate master's programs, which exist between undergraduate and doctoral programs, may disappear (except for things like MBAs).
TAs (Teaching Assistants) that exist in many universities may no longer be necessary.
Teachers at universities (professors and associate professors who exist as educators rather than researchers) should be expected to have coaching skills rather than providing knowledge.
In the very near future, researchers will be required to come with creative ideas that create something that has never existed before, rather than a so-called "doctor of knowledge."

Academics, by their very nature, play a powerful role in business. Reproducibility allows you to repeat your successes and avoid repeating your failures. Learning from data can help you avoid self-righteousness and assumptions.
Various tools have been developed in economics. Although its use is attracting attention in the United States, it has not yet gained momentum in Japan. Paul Romer won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2018 for his argument that knowledge is the source of economic growth. Not utilizing knowledge is a huge loss for Japanese society.
In that case, let's promote the use of academic knowledge in business. Let's contribute to society through the market. Two top researchers who think in this way met me from the business side, and that led to the founding of Economics Design. A feature of this company is D2C (direct to consumer) by researchers.
Coincidentally, the time when the company was founded coincided with the time when humanity was struggling against an unknown virus. The times are not something that someone makes better for us, but something that we make ourselves better. We will make intellectual resources the driving force of a new era.







For corporations
business consulting
Business Consulting Service
Consulting services provided by economists active in the academic field. We offer a wide range of proposals including pricing, user incentive design, and data utilization.








For individuals and corporations
“Business Application of Economics” Online School
The School
We broadcast completely original online lectures specialized in business every week. The lectures change every two months, and we always deliver new themes such as ``Business Application of Economics''.

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Research Divisions and Centers: Research Areas Economic Information Analysis: Macroeconometric Analysis, Microeconometric Analysis, Experimental Economics Economic Institutions: Economic Analysis of Institutions, Economic Analysis of Organizations, Economic Analysis of International Trade and Economic Growth Economic Strategy: Game Theory, Environmental and Public Policy, Market Economy Strategy Finance: Actuarial Finance, Risk Management, Market Quality, Financial Econometric Analysis Complex Systems Economics: Complex Systems Economics, Spatial Economics, Economic dynamics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, development economics
Research Center for Behavioral Economics
In my academic research, I am focusing on answering the question, "What are the macroeconomic implications of limited rational human behavior that experimental and behavioral economics have clarified at the micro level?" In addition, I would like to contribute to society by making use of the knowledge accumulated through academic research on behavioral and experimental economics more broadly.
Human Sciences Research

Specializes in cognitive psychology


The world is facing diverse and serious challenges such as global warming, pandemics, hunger, resource depletion, disasters, and aging, and is enveloped in a sense of stagnation.In order to boldly tackle the resolution of serious social issues, we will lead social change by promoting research to create a resilient and sustainable future society that will protect "life" and "livelihoods" through various social system reforms, breaking through the sense of stagnation in society by introducing new knowledge, human resources, and the latest technologies

Department of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Dentistry, and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Functional Biology Research
In addition to conducting basic research on brain function with state-of-the-art equipment, we are also conducting applied research in interrelated fields such as information and communication technology, brain-machine interfaces, brain function measurement, and robotics.
It is a highly original and cross-disciplinary research institute that explores new technological styles that help improve human health, well-being, and livelihoods.Cognitive Brain Robotics, Bionormative Robotics,We are conducting research on the mechanism of the brain that understands and the practical application of brain information related to language understanding.

Photon Science Research
Cybermedia Center

Digital Transformation, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence
In addition to the maintenance, management, and provision of such hardware, the Center is developing a variety of services in the entire range of ICT, such as data analysis, software application services, artificial intelligence (AI) including machine learning, and digital transformation (DX)

Beyond 5G

Data Science

Mathematical Models

Finance & Insurance

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